Anna Ciepielewska-Kowalik is an adjunct at Institute of Political Studies the Polish Academy of Sciences, with more than 14 years of professional experience in carrying out research on social policy, the third sector, social enterprises and the social economy in a comparative perspective in CEE countries. Her latest research focuses on co-production and public service innovation in Poland in education policy.

She holds her Ph.D. in political sciences (2013). She has published two books, and authored or co-authored of numerous papers in reviewed journals. She is experienced in collaboration with international partners (EMES International Research Network, EURICSE, OECD, European Commission), and Polish institutions (public administration, third sector, and research agencies). She is now carrying out research project on co-production in education and social assistance policies (2016-2021), financed by the National Science Centre in Poland. She has also been involved in research projects on social enterprises in Europe. She is a member of EMES International Research Network and belonged to its Board of Directors in 2015-2019.

ORCID 0000-0002-1567-5209